About Us

Now that you know what this site is all about, we will proceed to the other important details that you may or may not want to know: the information about who created this site and why.

It’s important to give people the basic idea of who we are. That’s because you are our readers. We feel that we need to connect to you on a deeper, more personal level. You’re the reason why we write after all.

Basically, the creators of this website are members of the same family. We are what people would call ‘siblings’ – one brother and one sister. But over the years, wherein we were forced to live and grow up under the same roof (albeit begrudgingly) we learned to become partners in crime.

Not many siblings can say the same thing, but we have grown to have mutual trust on one another. And even during those times wherein we feel like punching each other, we still know deep down that we have each other’s back. It’s a family thing.

That close bond was only strengthened by hardships and challenges that came our way, particularly, those that involved crime.

We’ve been robbed several times now. Our home had been ransacked a fair number of times by crafty thieves. And despite our best efforts to have our place secured, those people really knew their way in and out.

That’s not even the worst part. One of us – the brother, to be specific – was victim of a particularly violent crime. Coming home late from a friend’s house one night, he was stabbed on the side by an assailant he once knew as a friend. It’s only by sheer luck that a few concerned citizens managed to rush him to the hospital, wherein he was saved from a dreadful demise. Perhaps it was his will and determination to live. Maybe it was divine intervention.

Nevertheless, we both carry guns around now. No, we don’t just own them. We collect them.

And as part of the fun, we also try and test various gun safes every now and then. We could tell you now that we’ve been through a fair number of models, and we know how to tell apart a good safe from a bad one. Of course we also have expert friends who have been involved in the gun safe manufacturing business. We know which materials work best, and which features you can live without.

Collecting guns became our hobby, and along with it came the responsibility of knowing which gun safes are the best. It’s for our own good anyway. We want to be safe, so we keep our weapons safe. We bet you’d agree that there’s nothing quite as ironic as having your weapons used against you. The firearms that are supposed to be keeping you away from danger aren’t supposed to put you in danger.

And so this website was born. We made this not because we wanted to, but because we had to. We had to inform the people that it is possible to exist in our society without living in fear. We just need to do it responsibly.