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Let’s not be mistaken here: Stack-On is an impressive manufacturing company that really knows what it is doing…but it’s not the only one out there.

Blue Dot, for example, is another company that makes great gun safes. In fact, today we will be talking about the Blue Dot Safe and why you should consider entrusting your gun collection to it.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Blue Dot Safe

As the makers of this Blue Dot Safe claim, this model offers a rare combination of quality, protection, and beauty.

For this section of our handy guide, we’ll focus on the ‘beauty’ part first. The overall quality of this gun safe is determined by its appearance, service quality, and effectiveness, and so we shall judge it according to our expectations of those standards.

In terms of design, this one has it in the bag. Its black and silver exterior is classy and reminiscent of a few other gun safes that give off a sophisticated aura. An example of that would be the Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe, which we reviewed here.

The silver accents help make every detail clearer and it really suits the black, solid steel frame nicely. But beyond its dashing appearance is a hard metallic body made of 12GA steel. The black color scheme also serves a purpose other than making it look cooler: the black powder coating is highly scratch-resistant and would therefore survive basic attempts to open it.

The Blue Dot Safe has enough storage space to hold up to 24 rifles, since it has an internal capacity of 55 x 25 x 15, as well as an exterior capacity of 59 x 28 x 20 inches. Overall, it has a 20,006 cubic inch capacity and it’s enough to keep all of your firearms safe.

Lastly, the inside part of this vault is lined with a plush grey carpeting. That’s the perfect way to keep all your weapons scratch-free as they sit inside the vault waiting to spring into action.

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Safety and Features of Blue Dot Safe

That’s not the end of the long list of impressive features that this Blue Dot Safe has. Now we’re going to talk about how it protects your beloved possessions. The first line of defense is a polished chrome electronic keypad and lock that keeps away anyone who doesn’t know the code.

These unauthorized people will be hindered by a two-way locking system with four fixed and six live bolts. The plate is drill resistant, and the steel pin hinges provide even more security.

All safes coming from Blue Dot feature a 5/16-inch drill-resistant lock hard plate that effectively resists drill attacks. Even lock punching attacks are protected against, thanks to the additional spring-loaded relocking device that automatically activates upon sensing blunt force.

The most important feature among all of the things this model can do is the ability to resist fires of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour.


Would you believe that this Blue Dot Safe is currently sold at less than $920 dollars? This is good news for any gun collector who has a thousand dollars to spare, and wants a solid box that could resist flames.

There’s no denying that Blue Dot is just as competent as any other manufacturing company out there. This Blue Dot Safe serves as the proof for that statement.

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