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Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H



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Kleen-Bore is one of those companies that are being recognized all over the world for the quality of the products they create. They are particularly famous for making some of the most innovative gun cleaning products available.

And since we know that a gun is only as good if it is regularly maintained, this kind of recognition is sort of a big deal.

Today we are going to take a closer look at one of their gun cleaning kits, the Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H, in order to find out if it lives up to its manufacturer’s name. Let’s begin.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H

It’s not really surprising why this model is by far one of the most popular gun cleaning kits that Kleen-Bore has to offer. On this guide we will enumerate some of the reasons why you should consider buying this for yourself.

First of all, this gun cleaning kit is not a single model per sec. Rather, it is a set of various cleaning kits that are molded and designed to suit specific firearms. So instead of trying to give you everything you need to have all at once, it gives you the tools you’ll need to clean a certain caliber. This allows you to choose which set to pick up from the store. What use is it to have a bunch of tools in one kit if you aren’t going to use half of them anyway?

There are specific gun cleaning kits made for the following calibers: .22 caliber, .25 caliber, .32 caliber, .38/.357/9mm, .40/.41/10mm, .44/.45 caliber.

There is one kit available for each caliber, and the tools inside vary accordingly.

The only common factor between these toolboxes is the fact that they are all affordable. Not equally, mind you, but affordable on their own.

The prices of these models range from a little over $16 dollars, to almost $45 dollars. And as the manufacturer proudly states, the tools contained within are some of the best cleaning components in the industry. All of these are secured into a custom organizer tray, which is then packaged in a rugged, reusable polypropylene storage case. This sturdy case lets you carry your tools anywhere you go.

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Safety and Features of Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H

The rods included in each Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H are made of smooth, high grade steel for maximum strength. This enables you to get rid of blockage and other forms of fouling on your weapon’s barrel, therefore allowing for a better defensive performance during life-threatening circumstances. The rods employ a black oxide finish and rotating handles for additional flexibility and durability.

Additionally, it comes with a plastic muzzle guard that protects the crown of the barrel during the cleaning process.

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There are more tools to be uncovered inside each of this unique Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H. Most of them have cotton patches, double-ended nylon utility gun brushes, and even gun conditioners.

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