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Fortress Gun Safe Review


Fortress Gun Safe


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Some manufacturing companies like to ensure variety among their models. They switch up the formula every now and then to create something truly unique. But Fortress is not one of those companies.

As you read our review for the Fortress Gun Safe (Heritage FS-45SE Electronic Lock), you’ll discover why we said that. Make no mistake, it’s an incredible company that creates terrific gun safe models. Read on to find out how their unusual strategy works for them.

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Design, Size, Capacity of Fortress Gun Safe

Fortress is the kind of manufacturer that knows its formula and sticks with it no matter what. It’s like a secret recipe. They know what makes a good gun safe, and they use it to make most of their models. This is their way of utilizing their super secret ingredient.

And so, it’s no surprise that their models are consistently good. They wouldn’t be as popular to gun collectors as they are right now if not for their unwavering consistency.

Because of this, the gun safe we are going to discuss on this review is not very different from the ones Fortress has introduced to us previously.

This Fortress Gun Safe in fact, is so similar to the Fortress Heritage FS-24 Electronic Lock Safe that we challenge you to read our review and spot all of the minor differences.

For starters, this Fortress Gun Safe is at least $200 dollars more expensive, currently going for at least $950 dollars.

With a 45-gun capacity, this Fortress Gun Safe surely takes home the prize if you’re looking for something with more storage space. Its brother could only hold a little over 20, with little room for other valuables.

This is also a lot heavier, weighing over 650 pounds. That should make it hard for thieves to carry out of your home in the middle of the night.

Safety and Features of Fortress Gun Safe

Much like its younger brother, this Fortress Gun Safe functions like an impenetrable wall that makes use of amazing components to keep intruders away from its contents.

For example, the doors are held shut by large steel bolts that measure at least one inch each. The recessed door and the notched-bolt technology provide protection against theft. The latter feature is something that Fortress is particularly proud of, since they were responsible for its invention. They even patented it to protect their intellectual property.

This Fortress Gun Safe is also highly resistant to flames. In fact, it can resist temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes. That might not be the most impressive fire resistance that a vault can feature, but it’s still a welcome function regardless.

Now you know that your weapons are safe from fire, it’s time to talk about another realistic situation that your gun safe may go through: crooks. If you are ever victimized by clever robbers who know their way through a vault’s tough defenses, then at least you can reap the benefits of the lifetime attack warranty.

Of course, even if we don’t look forward to using this warranty, it is still nice to know that you are protected by it.

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This Fortress Gun Safe is no different from the other gun safes offered by Fortress. Almost every aspect of it is the same, except this is bigger, badder, and more intimidating with its black and silver color scheme.

While it is far from being the best vault in town, it is definitely one of the better models you could possibly own.

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