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Your home is a fortress that you must protect in order to keep your family safe from calamities, disasters, and intruders. It is also a place where you can keep your most precious belongings, and so the fact remains that your home must always be secured.

Now if you are a gun collector, or simply someone who keeps guns lying around for emergency purposes, it can be hard to say ‘no’ to a gun safe that seems to have it all. The Fortress Heritage Gun Safe is one such vault. On this article we will determine whether it is truly capable of defending your home or not.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Fortress Heritage Gun Safe

It’s easy to trust a gun safe especially if it is highly praised by the people who have used it before. Even the manufacturers are confident that this Fortress Heritage Gun Safe is better than any other safe in terms of protecting your firearms. That may be an exaggeration on their part, but this model is actually a decent protector for your weapons and other valuables.

Talking about storage capacity, it gives you room for up to 24 guns. Compare that to the other gun safes in the market today and you’ll see that’s quite a lot. One thing that expert gun collectors will tell you is to always buy a gun safe that is bigger than your expectations. As your collection grows, you’ll notice how even the larger gun safes begin to shrink.

If that is any indication, this is a convenient gun safe to have lying around the house. Your precious guns will be at home within this large metal box.

Speaking of large, this model measures 20 x 26 x 60 inches. That makes up about 350 pounds of solid steel. Keep in mind that even if robbers fail to open your safe, they will still attempt to carry it out of your home. But before they can load this thing into their getaway vehicle, you would’ve already called the police. The sheer heaviness of this Fortress Heritage Gun Safe will help slow them down.

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Safety and Features of Fortress Heritage Gun Safe

There are plenty of ways this Fortress Heritage Gun Safe could protect your firearms. It’s like a solid, immovable object that crooks will find difficult to penetrate because all of its components work together to create a tough barrier of pure metal.

For a price of under $750 dollars, you get plenty of large, steel bolts that measure an inch each and help in keeping the whole thing shut.

The patented notched-bolt technology was designed to provide protection against theft. And in the unusual situation where a criminal does manage to break this thing open, you reap the benefits of a lifetime attack warranty.

Additionally, the Fortress Heritage Gun Safe has a door organizer that helps keep your stuff organized, be it your guns, documents, ammunition, or jewelry. If you were worried that they’ll get scratched up inside, you can relax because the premium carpet will protect them from damage.

What looks like an ordinary steel vault also comes with an impressive fire resistance feature that lets it survive fires of up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 40 minutes.


While this is in no way the best gun safe ever created, it certainly stands among the finest ones this generation has to offer. If you wanted something that looks just as classy and intimidating, check out this review of the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe.

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