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Homak 16 Gun Safe


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Homak has been around for so long that they’ve gotten enough experience to make some of the finest gun safes in the market. For that same reason, we could consider building quality products as part of their tradition.

And since gun vaults are supposed to keep your most valuable items safe, it is important that you buy a model you can trust. Homak is a trustworthy company, and their Homak 16 Gun Safe is just one of their amazing creations. Let’s find out more about it.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Homak 16 Gun Safe

It can be difficult to choose only one gun safe, especially with the rising number of models becoming available these days. But if you want peace of mind, then look no further from this one.

From the looks of it alone, you get the idea that it’s a place where all of your belongings are safe. With its classy Hunter Green exterior, you will be the envy of your friends. We won’t even blame you for flaunting your collection.

The gold accents really bring out the color of this beauty. But at the end of the day, it’s just another chunk of metal that’s keeping all the robbers from stealing your weapons. In that aspect, it does a pretty decent job too.

The Homak 16 Gun Safe measures roughly 20.75 x 20.25 x 59-inches on the outside, while it has dimensions of 20.50 x 18.75 x 58.5 inches from the inside. It’s not the thickest gun safe out there, but at least it can store up to 16 different guns.

This is what people would call a ‘deluxe gun safe’ – and that’s because of the carpet-lined interior and adjustable shelves. Organizing your valuables has never been so easy…or glamorous!

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Safety and Features of Homak 16 Gun Safe

As we previously mentioned, it’s not really a very thick vault. The Homak 16 Gun Safe makes use of steel for the entire cabinet, but it only measures 2mm. This might be easy to puncture for the most dedicated crooks that carry around tools.

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You have been disheartened by that revelation; you may even be led to believe that your items aren’t completely safe in here. But this gun safe isn’t just for show.

The Homak 16 Gun Safe makes use of a mechanical combination lock that is effective for keeping unauthorized people at bay. We’re not just worrying about criminals here. We’re also talking about children, and teenagers, who may not be mature enough to understand the dangers of holding a real gun. The combination lock ensures that only the people you trust can access the contents.

Inside, your firearms are all kept perfectly secure and scratch-free. The built-in barrel rests are adjustable so you can use it for whatever length your rifle may have. There are also extra plastic barrel rests for multi-length gun barrels.

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Peace of mind is not easy to attain, especially if you’re keeping high-powered guns around the house. These may be part of your collection or your self-defense strategy, but in any case, these weapons are dangerous. You must keep them in a decent gun safe like this Homak 16 Gun Safe. And since it currently costs less than $630 dollars, you’ve got yourself a great bargain.

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