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Homak HS50121160 16-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe Review


Homak HS50121160


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There aren’t a lot of things that we can say about the Homak HS50121160 16-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Safe that have not already been said about the other gun safes available today. Nevertheless, it is still a decent vault.

And while it is certainly nothing extraordinary, we can say that it does the job very well. On this guide, you will find out more about this ‘regular Joe’ kind of gun safe.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Homak HS50121160

Before we proceed to the specifications of this simple Homak HS50121160 vault, we will first take a glance at its most obvious traits.

On the outside, this is a very basic-looking, yet stylish gun safe. It has a black exterior that makes it look sleek and professional.

The silver accents on the front door provide a stunning visual appeal, which leaves your visitors wondering how much this beauty must’ve cost you.

This Homak HS50121160 Safe is suitable for the most sophisticated gun owners out there who want nothing but the best for their precious firearms. This is the kind of model that you will brag about when you talk to your friends. Before you can even show them your guns, they will already be impressed by your gun safe. It’s a good way to get them pumped up over what’s inside.

It has a storage capacity of 11.29 cubic feet, which translates to space for up to 16 various weapons. Specifically, the dimensions are 24 x 20.75 x 59.25 inches for the exterior, while the interior measures 20.75 x 17 x 55.75 inches.

Finally, some of the shelves and barrel rests are adjustable, so you can just tweak it according to your storage needs. If you have valuables to be stored that aren’t firearms, you can use the convenient shelves to have hold them.

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Safety and Features of Homak HS50121160

What we’ve discussed so far are only the external appearance and storage capabilities of this seemingly regular Homak HS50121160 gun safe. We haven’t talked about how it will actually protect your valuables once they’re inside.

The high security mechanical lock keeps the most basic intruders away. Only if they know the combination will they be allowed to access the contents. Of course, it’s up to you to keep that secret code safe. Only give that combination to the people you trust.

The solid steel construction is only 2mm thick. That’s not very impressive, since we know that the most dedicated robbers will be carrying tools around to help puncture the metal. This may not be the best choice for when you live in a community that is known to be infested by criminals. If you do end up buying this model, make sure you keep it somewhere hidden.

While it doesn’t protect very well against crooks, it does have a fair resistance against fire. This is a fire retardant gun safe. Your items will also be safe from scratches, thanks to the carpeted interior.

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With its sleek appearance and fire resistance, this isn’t just your regular gun vault after all. The Homak HS50121160 Gun Safe also helps that it is sold at less than $900 dollars, because it assures you that you’re getting the right service for a fair price.

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