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There are affordable gun cleaning kits out there, and then there’s the Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit. While our standard definition of “affordable gun cleaning kit” is something that has a price of between $20 to $60 dollars, this model serves as an example of a gun cleaning kit that exceeds expectations.

Currently sold at a price of less than $8 dollars, this Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit is the perfect solution to any gun collector’s budget dilemma. Let’s find out if this is an incredible bargain, or an $8-dollar rip-off.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit

The manufacturers seem to take pride on the case’s construction. The exterior of this kit resembles a small box – something that has been made extra durable for your convenience.

The black box not only serves as a way to keep every tool inside, but also as an organizer of sorts. This way, everything can be kept in its place, and you wouldn’t be stressed out by missing parts and pieces. Everything will remain secured in place, so you can always pull out the right equipment for the gun cleaning task at hand.

Do keep in mind that this Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit in no way attempts to be a ‘universal’ model. That means it does not have all the tools you could possibly need to clean every sort of weapon you may own.

With that in mind, we will now enumerate the tools that this gun cleaning kit does contain.

It includes an aluminum rod for cleaning .38/.357 caliber and 9mm pistols. It also has a brush for the aforementioned gun calibers. Additionally, it has one 2 oz bottle cleaning solvent and one bottle of 2.25 oz lubricating oil.

That’s pretty limited, if you ask the most serious gun collectors. But that’s good enough for people who are only looking for specific cleaning tools for their weapons.

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Safety and Features of Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit

Here we will talk about the effectiveness of the tools we’ve mentioned above. But first, we will take a closer look at the case. This Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit is fairly durable, meaning it will last for a few years before you’re going to need a replacement.

Inside, the tools are equally tough, as they are designed and tested to survive the toughest situations and environments. That means if you’re the kind of person who’s clumsy when it comes to handling tools, then this is good because these will probably survive your grasp.

The definite advantage that this Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit has over other gun cleaning kits is that this one also throws in a couple of chemicals useful for cleaning such as solvent and lubricating oil.

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Overall, this is a good gun cleaning kit for casual weapon owners who don’t use their weapons regularly. It’s also good if you have firearms of the same caliber as what the tools here were made for.

In terms of cleaning capability, that actually depends on the person who’s using the tools. Try this Hoppe’s No 9 Cleaning Kit out yourself and see how it works for you. It’s a well-designed gun cleaning kit and it’s definitely an affordable one too.


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