Maintenance Tips for Gun Safe Owners


As an owner of a durable gun safe, you know very well how strong it can be. Its main purpose is to deter would-be robbers, fires, and damage in general, so that your valuables can stay safely within. These vaults were designed to withstand outside forces, and even the test of time.

But did you know that you still have to maintain and take good care of your gun safe? This is to ensure a lifetime of great protection for your firearms, weapons, and treasured belongings. Maintenance is an important thing that you must do for your vault every now and then.

Here we have a few tips on how to keep your gun safe in great condition.

gun safe cleaningThe first thing you have to do is to make sure the vault’s exterior is always clean. Since you will not be touching it too often, your gun safe will have the tendency to gather dust and even dirt. You will be surprised by how easily it becomes filthy, even by idly staying in the spot where you left it.

And because dust and dirt become more difficult to get rid of once they have settled in one area, it is necessary for you to remove them whenever possible. Because of this, you must strive to clean your gun safe at least once or twice a month.

To do this, it is best to take a soft, non-abrasive cloth and dampen it with water. This is what you will use to wipe away both dust and dirt from all the exposed sides of your vault. Gently wipe the shell until the gun safe returns to its shiny, good-as-new state.

Take note of the material used for this process: non-abrasive cloth is perfect for safes with a glossy, textured, or powder coat finish, because it prevents unwanted scratches that may be caused by other cloth materials.

Be reminded that when cleaning the handle and lock part of the vault, you must refrain from using metal polishes or solvents because it may damage the coating.

If you do accidentally scratch or blemish the exterior part of the gun safe, it should be easy to fix with the help of some touch up paint.

Additionally, the chrome locking bolts in your vault’s door must be oiled properly in order to ensure that it works properly every time you close it. That goes without saying it may not work perfectly if you neglect to put oil on it.

At least once a year, be sure to apply a small amount of grease in those bolts, both the front side and the bottom. This prevents it from sticking with one another.

It is also a good idea to have a certified technician inspect it annually, to make sure everything is in top condition. Make sure you hire someone you trust, so you will have complete confidence in what they have to say. Take their advice and apply which is necessary.

These are some of the best ways to keep your gun safe durable and impenetrable. Take care of it, and it shall take care of your valuables for a very long time.

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