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Most gun cleaning kits aren’t really expensive. Did you know that you can get a “universal gun cleaning accessory kit” for the price of less than $20 dollars? Yes, you can. With the XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit, you get most of the tools you are going to need to have your firearms sparkling clean – and it wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Now the question is whether all of these affordable gun cleaning kits are actually good. We will take a closer look on this Science Purchase model to find out.

Design, Size, and Capacity of XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Since it claims to be a “universal” cleaning kit, we should expect it to have a large array of tools that you could use for a wide variety of weapons.

According to the manufacturers, this XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit contains 26 pieces of said tools. So is “less than 30” enough to be called universal? Probably not, as there are plenty of kits out there that even each 80 different tools. But to be fair, this model does cover a lot of essential ground. It has at least two sets of rods that are suitable for shotguns, rifles, and pistols.

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Specifically, it contains a 10/12 gauge brush, a 20/28 gauge brush, a 410 brush, a 45 caliber brush, a 357-38 caliber/ 9mm brush, a 17 caliber brush, a 30 caliber brush, a 270/280 caliber brush, a 22 caliber brush, a 10/12 gauge cleaning mop, a 20/28 gauge cleaning mop, a 410 cleaning mop, a 357/38 caliber/9mm cleaning mop, a 22 caliber cleaning mop, 17-45 caliber pistol/rifle rods, shotgun rods, a brass accessory adapter, and up to 50 cleaning patches.

Whew, that’s a mouthful. So technically, if we count all the cleaning patches, this one reaches a total of 106 tools. All of these are carefully arranged into a classy aluminum case that helps keep everything organized.

But if you look closely, you’ll notice that most brushes serve at least two purposes: serving a certain range of calibers for practical reasons. It could have reached a higher number of tools if it had allotted specific brushes and rods for certain firearms.

Safety and Features of XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

For the price, this XtremepowerUS 106pc Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is definitely worth it. But we do not recommend this model for people who are specifically dedicated to the cleanliness of their weapons. The quality of the brass rods is not excellent, and we can’t praise the tools for durability either. This may be better off as a gift to someone who doesn’t use their guns too often.

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The only thing we can really compliment on is the fact that the aluminum case is well-made. It certainly makes it easier to carry all the tools around. This XtremepowerUS is a decent gun cleaning kit, but only for those whose guns don’t need constant attention. Also, the price is good.


There are plenty of products in the market that will exceed your expectations by combining “affordable” with the word “amazing.” And while this Science Purchase gun cleaning kit is not really “amazing,” it at least will not rip you off with a poor quality service. It’s good enough for some casual gun owners, we’ll give you that.

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