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It’s hard to be completely prepared for emergency situations. That’s because nobody really knows when danger will strike. And so, all we can do is try and not to be so caught off guard when the time comes that we go face to face with life’s threatening moments.

A gun is something you might possibly need, and a handy little vault such as the Sentry Biometric Gun Safe is good for keeping your weapon secure. Let’s find out more about it.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Sentry Biometric Gun Safe

What’s great about biometric gun safes is that they usually come in small packages – like most good things.

For people who are on a tight budget, they already know what this means: a smaller product is usually sold at an affordable price. And yes, that rule applies to the model we are going to discuss today. This Sentry Biometric Gun Safe is currently sold at a price of less than $160 dollars, so that should help you save up on other important safety devices, such as a stun gun.

And while most vaults make use of expensive, heavy duty materials to ensure your firearms’ protection, this one does not sacrifice quality for cost. We will discuss its safety features later on.

That said we couldn’t expect it to carry around a dozen or so weapons. In fact, it could only hold one full-sized semi-automatic hand gun. This isn’t the ideal number for gun collectors, but it wasn’t meant for collectors in the first place.

It was designed to give you access to your gun when it counts the most.

And although it isn’t the kind of thing you brag to your friends about, this Sentry Biometric Gun Safe still makes use of a rather sleek and stylish exterior.

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Safety and Features of Sentry Biometric Gun Safe

This is possibly one of the best gun safes you could have for when an intruder enters your home. Its single-handed access capabilities let you do other important things – like dial 911 – while simultaneously taking hold of your weapon.

You don’t even have to punch in the code into the electronic keypad. All you have to do is press your finger against the reader and it will open up as soon as it recognizes your print. Of course, that goes without saying you can always use the usual code combination to open the safe. These two features go hand in hand in order to provide you the kind of quick access that the situation demands.

The Sentry Biometric Gun Safe also has an override key, just in case.

And while most gun safes have loud, audible noises whenever you open them, this Sentry Biometric Gun Safe does not. It makes use of a special compression gas strut component that allows the door to swing open without making a sound. This lets you remain hidden from a potential intruder while you open the vault.

Even if someone tries to open it on their own, they will be deterred by the pry-resistant door. Made of reinforced solid steel, this ensures the safety of your firearms.

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Your fingerprint is unique, and so it is only fitting to use it as a means to access your most valuable defensive mechanism. The only real disadvantage that this Sentry Biometric Gun Safe has is that the fingerprint scanner can only remember two biometric signatures. If you find this limiting, you can try out the BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe. Read all about it by clicking here.


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