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Most of the gun safes that require you to pay more than a thousand dollars reward you with an array of useful benefits that could only do good for your gun collection.

The Special Forces Gun Safe is one of those models. Surely, you can find more of the best gun safes by clicking on this link.

A perfect fit for the most meticulous collectors, this gun safe combines beauty with brute strength. Let’s find out more about this precious vault.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Special Forces Gun Safe

When we said “more than a thousand dollars,” we actually meant less than $1900 dollars. Having a price of almost two thousand dollars, we could only expect a truly impressive service from this Special Forces Gun Safe.

And in that aspect, it really delivers.

In terms of appearance, it utilizes an antique design that fashions the very soul of the Old West-style of gun safes. This is the kind of beauty that you will want to show off to your friends. It’s also a fitting vault for a glamorous set of expensive firearms.

Sporting some of the industry’s finest components, this is a worthy highlight to any dedicated gun collector’s possessions.

This heavyweight model measures about 700 pounds, so it’s not really the mobile kind of vault. But with its burgundy frame and gold accents, you will barely want to move it around.

Meanwhile, the interior of this model is what people would call ‘presidential.’ The Special Forces Gun Safe is like a hotel for your firearms – except it can only hold up to 17 long guns. Although a bit limited on the storage capacity, it definitely gives the right kind of scratch-free service for your firearms. The door and the walls of this large metal box is carpeted for this very purpose.

The exterior dimensions are 60 x 32 x 28 inches, so keep this in mind when planning on where to put it. If you want something far more manageable, we suggest clicking on this link for the best biometric gun safes.

Safety and Features of Special Forces Gun Safe

The five-prong banker’s wheel isn’t just for show, mind you. As beautiful as it looks sitting in front of the Special Forces Gun Safe, it still serves as the main guardian of your valuables. It is also what you are going to turn in order to gain access to the contents right after entering the digital combination.

The keypad lock makes it impossible for unauthorized people to even see what’s being kept inside…unless of course you give them the code.

Otherwise, the door will remain shut, with the help of the ½-inch thick steel bolt protectors. Even if they try to bash this thing, it will just relock itself using the four-level spring-loaded relocker.

You can also get this kind of protection from other gun safes in this price range – click here for other picks for the top gun safes under $2,000.

Lastly, this convenient Special Forces Gun Safe is also incredibly fire resistant. While not entirely fireproof, the door and the body are lined with dual layers of a special heat resisting material. This should help it last for more than an hour (approximately 90 minutes) under intense temperatures.


It’s not really hard to see the beauty of this Special Forces Gun Safe. Other than the fact that it is literally pleasing to the eyes, it is also beautifully designed to resist any form of outside pressure that you have not authorized. It keeps your weapons in, and it keeps all the intruders out.

Now if you’re looking for something uniquely-designed, try reading our review on the Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12-Gun Safe by clicking here.

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