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Continuing their tradition of gun safe perfection, Stack-On introduces yet another impressive model that will surely leave collectors all over the world satisfied.

The Stack-On 60 Gun Safe focuses on giving you an immense amount of storage, and coupling it with decent fire protection features. Today we will learn more about this gun safe’s capabilities.

Stack-On 60 Gun Safe: Design, Size, and Capacity

If we were only to focus on what the spec list says, we would see that this vault is great in terms of storage and fire protection. But there’s more to it than that.

First of all, it’s brown hammer tone powder paint finish makes it stand out from the usual gun safe crowd. While the competition settles for the ordinary black exterior, this model goes the distance just to prove that it is different by giving you a glamorous, chocolate-themed appearance. The gold accents help push the sophisticated vibe that it’s going for.

The cool design on this thing doesn’t end outside either. Taking a peek inside will let you see the finely-detailed Realtree Extra Camo Interior that will surely be favored by the rough and rugged members of the gun collecting community. It’s not all glam after all.

As for the impressive storage capacity we’ve been talking about, this Stack-On 60 Gun Safe could hold up to 60 rifles or shotguns, thanks to the fully convertible interior. The six adjustable shelves allow you to place other important things such as jewelry and ammunition, as well as keep them all organized within.

The interior barrel rests are also removable for your convenience. Lastly, the door storage system can be used to store additional pistols, magazines, and other gear.

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Stack-On 60 Gun Safe: Safety and Features

The appearance and the storage capacity aren’t the only things you should be looking forward to when getting this model. You are after all going to spend at least $1,300 dollars on it, might as well ensure that you’re going to get the maximum amount of protection for your valuables.

Here we will see whether the Stack-On 60 Gun Safe has what it takes to keep your weapons safe or not.

For starters, it has four-way live action locking bolts that measure 1.5 inches each, and are extended/retracted every time you turn the steel handle.

Of course, before you can turn that three-spoke, you’re gonna have to go through the electronic lock. Not only is it backlit, it also has operational lights that signal low battery, and incorrect entries. After three unsuccessful attempts, the vault will go into a time out period.

As for the fire protection, it makes use of a special door stripping that expands when exposed to heat. The reinforced steel doors are also filled with fire retardant material to further resist high temperatures. That said, it could handle up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, surviving for up to 30 minutes.

It’s not the longest survival rate that a vault could have, but it’s a decent amount of time nonetheless.

Also, the exterior part of this Stack-On 60 Gun Safe is completely drill resistant, so any intruder will be left frustrated just trying to get this thing open.

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It’s not easy to compete with the Stack-On 60 Gun Safe that is drill-resistant, fire-resistant, and offers a large room for your weapons. ‘Large’ is actually an understatement, knowing that most gun safes can only carry 40 or more firearms at most.

But as seasoned gun collectors will tell you, there’s never enough room for guns, especially for a growing collection.

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