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Stack-On seems to be one of those companies that have gotten the hang of making gun safes. Their products serve as a testament to their mastery over manufacturing great models.

But we’re not here to praise the company itself. Today we are going to discuss the Stack-On Executive Fire Safe and find out if it lives up to the family name.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Stack-On Executive Fire Safe

Before we go into the more specific details, we will first talk about what this model is, at its very core. This Stack-On Executive Fire Safe is a fire safe. And what many experts will tell you is that it is slightly more resistant to flames than your regular, old gun safes. If you live in a place wherein fires occur frequently, then you must consider buying a fire safe.

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This one in particular is ready for most kinds of catastrophes you throw at it. We’ll discuss its protective capabilities in detail later on. But in terms of deterring criminals, it does a good job because of its heavy duty construction. At 188 pounds, it is fairly heavy – even heavier than most other vaults being sold today. Robbers certainly won’t be able to carry these on their backs, unless of course they want their backs to break.

The dimensions of this Stack-On Executive Fire Safe are 29 x 20.9 x 19.8 inches. The exterior features a uniquely beautiful design. It exudes a classy vibe that radiates through its matte black and silver color scheme. This is the sort of thing differentiates Stack-On from the other gun safe manufacturers out there. Stack-On has style. They have a visual flair that gun collectors can’t get enough of. It’s the reason their gun vaults are so incredibly popular.

Safety and Features of Stack-On Executive Fire Safe

Now in terms of battery life, this Stack-On Executive Fire Safe is typically lasts up to 200 hours. Why does it even need a battery you ask? Well, it operates with an electronic lock that includes fully operational lights that signal whether the vault is open. It also warns you of incorrect code entries, as well as provides low battery warnings. The locks are also battery-controlled. Good thing they are conveniently easy to access from the front side.

We know that the safe is durable because of its solid metal construction. But what we may not realize is that the exterior isn’t the only thing solid about this model. The insides are protected by a fully carpeted design, which prevents scratching.

It also comes with two adjustable shelves that provide flexibility in terms of arranging your valuables. That’s a convenient feature that not every gun safe out there has. To complete the setup, there’s also some fastening hardware included to keep everything in place.

Lastly, the most important feature on this Stack-On Executive Fire Safe is the fire resistance. It has special door stripping metal that expands when exposed to high temperatures, thus further sealing the safe’s contents.

With its 4-way locking bolts and all steel 3-spoke handle, there is no way to access the contents of this gun safe without your permission.

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The nice cherry on top is the price tag: Stack-On Executive Fire Safe is currently sold at a little over $400 dollars. Who wouldn’t want a strong, fire resistant gun safe that is also incredibly affordable? Absolutely nobody.

This definitely deserves a spot among the best gun safes.

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