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Before we elaborate on the specific details, we’ll tell you now that the Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Fire Resistant Tactical Security Safe is a decent gun safe worthy of your consideration.

It is very similar to the Stack-On W-60-BH-E-S 60 Gun Woodland Safe in terms of performance. You can check out our separate review of it by clicking here.

But for now, we will focus on the TS-20-MB-E-S, because it’s at least $200 dollars cheaper than its brother.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S

While it is certainly more affordable, currently going for less than $1,200 dollars, it is not the kind of model that gives you a poorer service. That’s not how it works for Stack-On.

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In fact, you can tell from the design of it alone that a lot of thought has gone into creating this vault. The Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Safe has a simple, matte black exterior that is contrasted by the slightly metallic black door. The features on the door are actually riveted steel tread plate panels that serves as the main design.

This is about 400 pounds worth of solid steel that specifically measures 26.8 x 35.2 x 59 inches. It takes approximately two strong people just to budge this thing.

Despite its heavyweight reputation, it leaves lots of room for your firearms. The Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Safe is a 20-Gun vault, but that number is flexible as you can customize the interior layout of this model using the adjustable shelves and barrel rests to suit your needs. For example, you can place four tactical weapons and 16 long guns within, while still having little space for smaller valuables.

The backlit electronic lock helps you see it clearly even in the dark. It even displays warnings for low battery and incorrect entry. There’s more to this simple electronic lock that meets the eye, and we will be discussing that later on.

Lastly, the factory-installed door also includes a storage compartment for added space. You can use that to hold your pistols, magazines, and other important items.

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Safety and Features of Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S

Most of Stack-On’s offerings these days include some form of fire resistance. One thing is for sure: nobody wants their belongings – especially their most precious ones – to be turned into ashes.

This Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S model in particular can survive for 30 minutes within temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is made possible by the fire retardant material within the reinforced steel doors, which expands and seals the frame when exposed to fire. While we never want our homes to be consumed by flames, it is still a reassuring thought that your firearms and other valuables stand a chance of surviving.

As for the electronic lock we were talking about earlier, it actually contains a drill-resistant hardened steel plate.

For your convenience, this package includes a backup key that you can use in case the lock is out of power and you need to access the vault’s contents.


Specially designed to protect against theft and fire, this is one of the most protective gun safes out there. It Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Safe is also surprisingly cheap, despite its effectiveness. With 1.5-inch live action locking bolts, and a handful of other useful features, this is definitely the kind of vault that does not sacrifice cost for quality.

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