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The most dedicated gun collectors treat their firearms like they’re part of the family. No one can really blame them. These mechanized weapons ensure the safety of every person in any residence that comes across a criminal threat.

So why not treat your firearms with the care they deserve? Go for a luxurious gun safe like the Stack-On SS-10-MG-C 10 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe. But first, read the rest of this article to see if it is truly worth investing on.

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Design, Size, and Capacity of Stack-On SS-10-MG-C

We used the word ‘luxurious’ to describe the kind of service you’ll get from this model, and we did that for a reason. Just one glance at this Stack-On SS-10-MG-C gun safe and you’ll be convinced that it is some sort of hotel for weapons and ammunition. This is just another offering from Stack-On that makes gun protection a piece of cake. It looks the part, it does the job – that’s the usual Stack-On formula for making vaults. If you’re not convinced, go check out our review for the Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet by clicking here.

Going back to the SS-10-MG-C, its appearance alone will convince you to buy it. This Stack-On SS-10-MG-C has a glamorous exterior that makes use of a matte hunter green epoxy paint finish to make it a tad bit more durable. The color scheme also makes it seem brighter without hurting the eyes. It’s good for putting on a show for your friends before unveiling your impressive collection. The gold accents and silk-screen on the door serves as the top hat.

Once you open the safe, it presents you with a fully carpeted interior that not only serves to enhance the overall look, but also prevents your guns from getting scratched. No collector wants that kind of disaster.

In terms of weight and size, this 129-pound beauty measures 12.5 x 15.9 x 55.1 inches. Given those dimensions, this gun safe can hold up to ten different firearms under 54 inches tall. It is perfect for people who are only starting out with their collection, but want to have enough space to add more.

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Safety and Features of Stack-On SS-10-MG-C

Since it seems that this Stack-On SS-10-MG-C model’s objective is to provide a five star treatment for your guns, it’s only normal to expect a high level of security from it.

To say the least, our expectations are met with the help of the solid steel construction of the whole cabinet. This is fortified by a three-number combination lock with a drill-resistant hardened steel plate behind it. That alone should help keep unwanted hands off your beloved firearms. We’ve mentioned how the epoxy finish on the exterior helps maintain the durability of the model, and how the interior is fully carpeted – your guns are safe from the inside out, and only you can access them.

It helps that the steel locking bolts and hinges are concealed so that intruders can’t find their way in. The steel dead bolts on the hinge side provide even more security.

Lastly, it has a removable shelf that allows you to convert the interior depending on your needs. If you have jewelry or other possessions you want to keep safe, this is the obvious choice for a gun safe.


Give your weapons the safety it requires so that it can keep you safe when the need arises. This Stack-On SS-10-MG-C gun safe, like most other Stack-On products, met the California Department of Justice’s requirements for standard gun storage. If you’re looking for a gun vault you can trust, then look no further.

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