Too Many Guns! – Is There Such a Thing?


Imagine a situation wherein you and your family are trapped at home with an intruder in the house. You are all hiding in one room, waiting for the police, because you believe the man is too dangerous to be confronted. Luckily you have a gun, and you are more than ready to use it if the need arises. In that situation, there is definitely a need for you to point and shoot – it’s a matter of life or death for your loved ones!

But suddenly, you realize that there isn’t just one intruder. You can’t see how many, but they’re talking amongst themselves; you hear multiple voices. This is a group you are dealing with. You no longer believe you can handle this on your own. No way can you take them down alone, not when you want to survive as well. If only you had more than one gun…

Now this scenario wouldn’t be a problem for the typical gun collector. Surely, there would be one weapon for each member of the family, especially if you are an enthusiast who have stocked up on all sorts of firearms. There are probably one, two, or three guns available for every person in the family, so that when you do find yourselves in a situation similar to that one mentioned above, you are prepared for battle and ready to spare your own lives.

Now that backup has arrived (in the form of your own family) you have more chances of going out unscathed. But this traumatizing scene resurrects an age-old debate that has divided the gun-loving community for centuries. It raises the question “how many is too many guns?”

too many gunsThis question has confused dedicated weapon experts for a long time, and this article will not attempt to come up with an answer. Instead, we will discuss a more realistic inquiry, which is this: “is there such a thing as too many guns?”

In the above-mentioned scenario, there probably isn’t, as you would gladly unleash all your ammunition on a savage group of criminals who would try to barge into your territory. But for normal situations wherein you just stock up on weapons just in case – is there a need to have many firearms?

Well the answer really depends on the collector.

The answer is no, there isn’t such a thing as “too many guns”, as it hasn’t been established how many is excessive, even after years of spirited debate amongst gun owners. What people do agree on is that “more is better” in most cases.

The definition here of ‘more’ depends on you. However, people also agree that the number of weapons you own must not exceed what you can handle. If you have nowhere to put all of those firearms and ammunition; if you cannot maintain all of them on a regular basis; if your gun safe is too small and you don’t want to buy a bigger one, then you must have “too many guns”.

But if you are capable of holding on responsibly to a huge number of guns, then there is no such thing as excessive. After all, it is your home to protect, your collection to keep, and your money to spend.

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