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What kind of gun vault could you get for a price of less than $1,500 dollars?

Generally, you can expect to get a decent safe with enough protective components to keep your valuables out of harm’s reach, depending on the situation.

But if you’re spending this kind of money on a gun safe from a company like Winchester, you can always expect more.

Let’s take a closer look at the Winchester 24 Gun Safe and see if it proves or disproves that earlier statement. If it doesn’t impress you enough, you can always turn to our list of the top rated gun safes.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Winchester 24 Gun Safe

When we said that a gun safe at a price of under $1,500 dollars could be great, we were definitely referring to this Winchester 24 Gun Safe. That’s because the Winchester company seems like the sort of manufacturer that takes your valuable’s safety seriously. This is evident in their creations, which are designed to be highly defensive.

In terms of capacity, this Winchester 24 Gun Safe can hold up to 24 guns. That’s about the average storage space available for most of the gun safes out there. This is the perfect number for someone who has just started their collection – you know that it will just continue to grow over the years, so might as well get a big vault that does not take up too much room in your home.

The Winchester 24 Gun Safe has that standard black exterior and gray interior combination, but what really makes up for the lack in creative visual appeal is the fact that the vault weighs 800 pounds. No robber will want to tug that out of your home.

Curiously, it has a weird external hinge design. That may or may not work in its favor, and you’re going to learn more about it as you read on. Regardless of effectiveness, this design allows for a full 180 degree door swing, which offers an easier and more convenient access to its contents.

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Safety and Features of Winchester 24 Gun Safe

In terms of construction, this Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E Gun Safe has a 10 GA steel body which is both pry resistant and drill resistant. This solves the problem of it having external hinges. Crooks won’t be able to open this even if they tried.

Supporting the whole thing are 1.5-inch solid steel locking bolts, a recessed door, a reinforced steel return door jamb, and a chamberlain disk that protects the lock.

What’s really impressive about this Winchester 24 Gun Safe is that it is by far one of the most fire resistant safes out there. Making use of five layers of fireboard within the door, as well as four layers of fireboard in the body, this is capable of withstanding flames of up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours.

From what we’ve seen, that is the longest time a vault can survive under such temperatures, compared to the other competing models. Contributing to that level of resistance is the double layer of heat expandable door seals.

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Stack-On, Homak, and Fortress are some of the most common names in the industry of gun safes, but that doesn’t mean the Winchester is any less competent. If anything, this is the kind of manufacturing company that the other ones should be threatened of.

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