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It’s easy to see why some people believe two thousand dollars is too much to pay for a gun safe. What these people are missing out on is the fact that these vaults are heavy duty, and they are more than capable of protecting your most prized possessions.

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For example, the Winchester Ranger Gun Safe boasts at least 45 different features that work together to bring you the ultimate in terms of firearm protection. Today we’ll find out a little more about this amazing gun safe.

Design, Size, and Capacity of Winchester Ranger Gun Safe

Let’s begin with the fact that this Winchester Ranger Gun Safe is sold at a price of less than $1,900 dollars. If you are familiar with the workings of gun vaults, you would know that the materials used for building one aren’t cheap. And so if you expect to get a service quality that is more than just ‘decent,’ you must be willing to pay a bit more.

Nevertheless, this Winchester Ranger Gun Safe gives you wide range of handy components that give you more than your money’s worth. If by any chance you want something a little less expensive, you can check out our review for the Homak HS50121160 16-Gun Mechanical Combination Lock Fire Resistant Steel Safe by clicking here.

First of all, this particular Winchester Ranger Gun Safe has a capacity of 51 guns. That’s definitely more than what the average gun collector owns, and will perfectly suit a continuously growing collection.

It has a basic exterior design, sporting a black appearance coupled by silver accents. The inside part has a gray automotive grade design that keeps everything simple yet stylish.

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In terms of specific dimensions, its exterior measures 72 x 40 x 30, while the interior is 69 x 36 x 18. By that you can tell it’s a large and thick box worthy of holding your valuables. It is also supremely heavy, weighing 985 pounds. Good luck to anybody who tries lifting this out of your home.

Finally, there is a door panel organizer that helps you keep your things organized. Just because it can hold many things doesn’t mean everything has to be a stuffed up mess.

Safety and Features of Winchester Ranger Gun Safe

Would you believe that’s just the beginning of all the awesome things this Winchester Ranger Gun Safe is capable of?

It has a body made of 12 GA steel, and an electronic lock to keep intruders at bay. It also makes use of 18 solid steel locking bolts to keep the thing shut tight, while employing a four-way locking bolt system.

For people who are worried about fires – that means all of us – this gun safe can resist temperatures of up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, for one whole hour. This is supported by three layers of fireboard within the door, while two layers of fireboard lies within the body.

To further strengthen the fire resistance feature, Winchester Ranger Gun Safe makes of a heat expandable door seal that secures the door when it reaches a certain temperature.

Oddly, Winchester Ranger Gun Safe also makes use of an external door hinge. Good thing even the hinges are drill and pry resistant.

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There are a lot of good things to say about this Winchester Ranger Gun Safe, and we would be underestimating it if we don’t say that there’s more to be discovered from it. To conclude, everyone who has ever invested on this has not been disappointed. In fact, there’s a clear reason why people love this special vault. Try it out and see for yourself.

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